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DEI Virtual Tumor Board - Malignant Melanoma in African Americans: Etiology of Disparate Incidence and Outcomes (2024)
Activity Description

This activity will feature a case presentation of an adult African American male whose plantar malignant melanoma is delayed in diagnosis because of lack of awareness that melanoma can affect Black patients. His symptoms of lower extremity discomfort are mistaken for symptoms of peripheral vascular disease and his complaint of a foot skin lesion are overlooked until he develops inguinal adenopathy because his PCP does not believe that African Americans are affected by melanoma. 



Luz Rodgriguez, MD;  (SSO/SBAS) 

Lisa Newman, MD, MPH, FACS (SSO) 


Vincent Reid MD, FSSO, FACS (SSO/SBAS) 

Elliot Asare, MD, MS (SSO) 

Ann Lee, MD (SSO) 


Kelly Hunt, MD, FSSO (SSO President) 

Alliric Willis, MD (SSO & SBAS; incoming DEI Advisory Board Chair) 

Vivian Bea, MD (SSO; incoming SSO Advisory Board Vice Chair) 

Russell Berman, MD, FSSO (SSO Vice President) 

Sandra L. Wong, MD, MS, FSSO (SSO Past president) 

Martin S. Karpeh Jr.,FSSO, FACS, MD (SBAS & SSO) 

John Stewart IV, MD, MBA, FACS (SSO & SBAS) 

Vincent Reid, MD, FSSO, FACS (SBAS& SSO) 

Rob Winn, MD (Massey Cancer Center, Director) 

Bridget A. Oppong, MD (SSO & SBAS) 

Fabian M. Johnston, MD, MHS, FSSO (SBAS & SSO) 

Malcom V. Brock, MD (SBAS)  

Estimated Time to Complete Activity
The estimated time to complete this entire activity is 1 hour.

Release Date

          February 28, 2024
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