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Virtual Tumor Board: Colorectal Disease and Covid-19
Activity Description
This virtual tumor board discussion will include:

  • Management of CRC during COVID-19
  • Analysis and interpretation of data regarding TNT and short-course radiation and timing of surgery for rectal cancer
  • Understanding therapeutic choices and pre-treatment testing and precautions with the use of minimally invasive approaches
  • Potential risks and complications when operating on COVID-19 patients with CRC
The following cases will be discussed:

  • Patient with profound anemia found to have large cecal cancer
  • Patient with symptomatic T3N1 distal rectal cancer
The moderators for this virtual tumor board are David Shibata, MD, University of Tennessee Health Science Center and Karyn Stitzenberg, MD, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Panelists include surgical oncologists, Nader Hanna, MD, University of Maryland and Martin Weiser, MD, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, radiation oncologist, William Regine, MD, University of Maryland and medical oncologist, Richard Kim, MD, Moffitt Cancer Center.
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